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Project Designers at Paradise Landscaping & Nursery are key to our creative solutions. They use the environment as a canvas to create a beautiful and functional outdoor space for you to enjoy. You will work closely with one of our Project Designers to develop a landscape design that not only compliments your property but also works within a predetermined budget of any size. Each of our designers follows his or her projects from initial consultation through execution to provide consistent, personalized service and ensure successful completion of the original design.




Landscape Installation

Whether you’re starting with a blank canvas or upgrading around an existing structure, Paradise Landscaping & Nursery has the knowledge, skills and resources to bring your project, no matter the size or complexity, to life. Our professional designers and their installation teams provide consistently high quality and craftsmanship on every project we are a part of.


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The Maintenance Division at Paradise Landscaping & Nursery consists of multiple dedicated teams of skilled landscape professionals with considerable industry experience. Our hard work can be admired throughout Central Florida and along the Northeast Coast of Florida at any of the numerous commercial properties we maintain. The Maintenance Division is based out of Palm Coast, but has a number of satellite substations that focus on the day to day operations associated with their specific areas. We are equipped to service any and all sites ranging from a standard lawn to a sporting complex. Each property is individually examined by our Maintenance Supervisor who will tailor a comprehensive service plan based on your needs and expectations.


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Without water, plants die. To keep your yard looking as beautiful as it did the day we finished it, it’s vitally important to implement and maintain the proper irrigation system. With nearly thirty years’ experience, our Irrigation Specialist will carefully inspect your property and provide you with a detailed irrigation plan, best suited to ensure your landscape flourishes. Paradise Landscaping & Nursery understands that irrigation systems in Florida require specialized skills and knowledge to be effective. By regularly attending educational classes and taking the time to research new trends and ideas, we are able to stay on the cutting edge of irrigation technology. Whether you’re implementing a water conservative design or upgrading to a micro-irrigation unit, we have you covered.


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At Paradise Landscaping & Nursery, we work closely with homeowners to achieve the desired lighting effects. Outdoor lighting can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing; It can transform a property at night by highlighting special features while still providing a greater sense of security. Our skilled teams of installers pay close attention to the layout of your property while placing lights to achieve the maximum effect. We only install the highest quality, most reliable products, so you always able to enjoy your landscape, no matter what time of the day it is.





When an artfully designed hardscape is seamlessly combined with a lush landscape, a beautiful outdoor living area emerges. Successful hardscape design and installation has the ability to define space in a way that creates continuity and establishes a flow between your house and garden. Whether you’re adding pavers, a stonescape or a custom outdoor structure, Paradise Landscaping & Nursery has the necessary knowledge and skills to create your perfect space


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 In an effort to provide the highest quality plant materials possible, Paradise Landscaping decided to start growing their own. The original idea behind the nursery was to grow plant materials solely for use in our landscape projects, but as others started taking notice of the superior quality, the demand for outside sales became overwhelming. Not only does the Nursery serve as the foundation for our daily operations, it also supplies hundreds of varieties of plant materials for use in most of our projects.


From Perennials to Palm Trees, Paradise Landscaping & Nursery has it all. We invite you to stop by any time during our normal business hours

(no appointment necessary) and take a look around; We’re confident you will be able to see the difference.